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Who's who in Presteigne 1868?

Post Office
Henry Martin Jones, Post Master- letters from all part arrive (from Leominster) at eight morning, and are dispatched at a quarter before six evening.

Academies and Schools
Mary Edwards, Norton (day)
Endowed Free Charity School, Whitton - David Rowland, Master
Free Grammar School, Church Street - Reverend C. Blackburn, Master
Greenfield's Endowed School, Church Street - Sarah Lloyd, Mistress
Miss Elizabeth Hayes, Broad Street (boarding)
Letitia Weatherstone, Westwall (day)

Bakers, Flour Dealers and Confectioners
William Havard, High Street
Morgan & Johnson, Hereford Street
Samuel Morris, Hereford Street
James Rogers, High Street
James Steadman, High Street
Sarah Williams, Broad Street

Parsons & Co. (Radnorshire Bank), Hereford Street
Hoares & Co. - Thomas Stanton, Manager

Richard Jones, nr. Whitton
John Morris, Norton
Samual Moss, Harper Street
William Prees, Kinsham
John Stubbs, High Street
Ann Williams, Monaughty
John Worthing, Greenend

Boot and Shoe Makers
John Ball, High Street
Sidney Bowkett (dealer), High Street
Edward Cowdell, High Street
George Price, St David Street
William Reynolds, Broad Street
John Simpson, Hereford Street

William Meyrick, High Street
Ann Powell, Hereford Street
Samuel Powell, High Street

Carpenters and Builders
John Davies, St David Street
John Davies, Broadheath
William Davies, Cwm
Harry Forrester, Broad Street
John Harper, Norton
William Luggar, Broad Street (also housekeeper at the Judge's Lodging)
Joseph Price, St David Street
John Roberts, near Whitton
William Wheel, Northgate

Chemists and Druggists
William Hughes, High Street
Henry Verdon, High Street

China and Earthenware Dealers
Margaret Powell, High Street
Henry Thomas, Hereford Street


In Presteigne TownWilliam Cadmire, John Edwards, Thomas Edwards, David Griffiths, John Griffiths, John Lewis, John Middleton, Samuel Pritchard, James Radner, Robert Radner, William Radner, Joel Rees, Charles Rees, Thomas Stephens

In Stapleton
Anne Britten, Thomas Davies, Edward Deakins, Evans & Bleddoe, John Evans, John Rogers

In Willey
John Bryan, John Bufton, Edward Davies, John Davies, Thomas Davies, Thomas Edwards, John Evans, William Monington, Thomas Reynolds

In Bleddva
Arron Edwards, Thomas Francis, John Jones, John Rogers, Evan Stephens, Thomas Stephens, Edward Thomas, Thomas Wilden

In Cascob
John Bownds, William Griffiths, Joanna Lloyd, John Rogers

In Discoed
Henry Hamer, Richard Hughes, Arthur Partridge

Farmers - continued

In Norton
Mrs Bright, Richard Edwards, John Evans, John Hughes, Jason Monington, William Monington, Mrs Stephens, Edward Thomas, Mary Webb

In Pilleth
Edward Farr, Edward Thomas, Samuel Wilkes

In Whitton
Richard Bywater, Eliza Edwards, John Hughes, Richard Hughes, Bridget Morgan, James Rollings, William Thomas, James Watson

Fire and General Insurance Agents
Caledonian, High Street, Henry Verdon
Clerical & Medical, Hereford Street, Thomas Stauton
Eagle (life), High Street, Henry Jones
Great Britain Mutual (life), High Street, Henry Jones
Law (life), St David Street, William Stephens
Liverpool & London & Globe, St David Street, William Tomlinson
Phoenix (fire), High Street, Henry Jones
Salop (fire), High Street, William Price

Grocers and Dealers in Sundries
John Brown, Norton
Mary Anne Burgoyne, Lingen
William Evans, Discoed
William Griffiths, High Street
John Hatfield, Hereford Street
Caroline Jones, High Street
Ann Lloyd, Hereford Street
Morgan & Johnson, Hereford Street
Susan Morris, High Street
Arthur Phillips, Norton
George Powell, Bleddva
Richard Powell, High Street
George Prees, Kinsham
James Price, Hereford Street
John Shuker, High Street
Henry Thomas, Hereford Street
Henry Verdon, High Street
William Watkins, Broad Street
Thomas Watts, Cascob

John Griffiths, High Street
Samuel Passey, High Street

Inns & Public Houses
Barley Mow, Hereford Street, John Weaver (closed 2001)
Bull, St David Street, James Meredith (still open)
Castle, High Street, George Harper
Cricketers Arms, Cwm, Job Straugwood
Dukes Arms (and posting house and Inland Revenue office), Broad Street, Robert Bore (still open)
Hundred House, Bleddva, John Morris (still open)
Kings Head, High Street, John Ball
Oxford Arms, Hereford Street, Thomas Burton
Radnorshire Arms (and posting house), High Street, Thomas Harley
Red Lion, High Street, Edward Thomas
Royal Oak, High Street, John Lloyd (still open)
Sun, Hereford Street, Ann Powell

Retailers of Beer
Mary Ann Burgoyne, Lingen
John Edwards, Whitton
Jeremiah Griffith, Broad Street
Jane Morgan, Hereford Street
William Watkins, High Street

Lime Burners
Robert Lewis, Broad Street
Edward Meredith, Nach Lime Works

Linen & Woollen Draper
Sidney Bowkett, High Street
James Jones, High Street
James Joyce, High Street
Susan Morris, High Street
William Price, High Street
William Rees, High Street

Robert Bore, Broad Street
Richard Bradnee, High Street
James Jones, Harper Street

Milliners & Dressmakers
Mary Badland, Broad Street
Mary Cowdell, High Street
Caroline Curtis, Hereford Street
Francis Davies, St David Street
Mary Lawley, Broad Street
Elizabeth Powis, Hereford Street
Margaret Stephens, Broad Street
Ann Weaver, Broad Street
Sidney Bowkett, High Street
James Joyce, High Street

Painters, Glaziers & Paper Hangers
James Bush, High Street
Edward Ince, Hereford Street

John Briggs, High Street
William Jones, High Street

Walter Bellamy, High Street
William Stephens (and clerk to the Magistrates, to the County Roads Board, and to the Lieutenancy), St David Street
William Tomlinson, St David Street

Stone Masons
John Davie, Church Street
James Davies, Broad Street
Thomas Vaughan, Broad Street
Samuel Young, Broad Street

Tom Hunt, Broad Street
Harvey Philpot, Broad Street

William Price, High Street
John Watkins, Broad Street
Rees Williams, High Street

Timber Merchants
John White Lewis, Hereford Street
Thomas Lewis (and tanner), Broad Street
Joseph Price, St David Street

John Davies, Broadheath
William Davies, Cwm
William Davies, Greenend
William Evans, Discoed

John Abel, Cooper and Pattern Maker, Hereford Street
Charles Barren, Cabinet Maker, High Street
William Blackmore, Professor of Music, High Street
Henry Jones, Bookseller, High Street
William Jones, Registrarof Births and Deaths, High Street
John Kean, Inland Revenue Officer, Broad Street
John Lawley, Toy Dealer, Broad Street
Edward Newell, Ironmonger, Broad Street
William Stephens, Coroner, Broad Street

Places of Worship
St Andrews Church, Broad Street, Ormerod, rector, Rev. J. Green, curate
Baptist Chapel, Hereford Street, Rev. William, Henry Payne
Primitive Methodist Chapel, Harper Street
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, St David Street

County Gaol, Hereford Street
Governor - Henry Verdon
Matron - Fanny Verdon
Chaplain - Rev. Christopher Blackburn
Surgeon - Harvey Philpott

County Court
Held in the Shire Hall (now the Judge's Lodging) monthly
Judge - Arthur James Johnes Esq.
High Bailiff - Robert Phillips
Registrar - Jonathan Green

Assembly Rooms & Market Hall, Broad Street - David Griffiths, Secretary
Inland Revenue Office, Dukes Arms Hotel - John Keane, Officer
Gas Works, Hereford Street - Stephen Edwards, Manager
Registrar of Births & Deaths, High Street - William Jones
Shire Hall, Broad Street -William Luggar, Keeper
Stamp Office, Broad Street, Edward Newell, distributor

The nearest station is Titley, on the Leominster & Kington Railway (4.5 miles distance), which joins the Shrewsbury, Hereford, and Abergavenny, and the Hereford, Ross and Gloucester lines

To and from the Railway Station - Samuel Morris, daily


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Strange But True

  • list arrowHow did Victorians try out a new invention?

    Test it on the servants of course! That's what happened in 1860 at The Judge's Lodging, when gas lighting was put into the basement and not the Judge's rooms. They wanted to see if they got sick from the fumes. The servants were fine - that's why we got the lights working again.

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