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Victorian Toys

Toys are a fantastic way to learn more about the Victorians. You can find out what children liked to do, what they looked like and how they used their toys to learn about the world around them. Here we have put together a selection of images of toys from The Judge's Lodging collection, along with notes to help you learn about them and suggestions of questions you might like to use in your classroom about them. All images and text are copyright of The Judge's Lodging. Please ask permission to use them in any way other than this educational resource. Many of these objects are on display for you to see when you visit. Our shop also stocks a selection of replica toys, such as pop guns, whipping tops, marbles and jacks. Do contact us if you require any further information.

victorian toys - tin train



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    The name given to the tight trousers worn by some Regency gentlemen, such as the notorious Beau Brummell and his 'dandy' followers,  as they showed off their leg muscles.

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