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Victorian games

Many Victorian Games remain with us today - squeak piggy squeak, tag, charades, blind man's buff, are all, if not played by some children, at least remembered fondly by many adults. Marbles, cup and ball, popguns, hoops, tops and jacks can all still be found if you look around today.

Playing games is a fun way in which to introduce discussion about the differences between Victorians and today's society. Perhaps you would like to think about what you would do in the evenings if you had no electricity? Word play and quizzing games can also be used to help children develop their literacy and communication skills. It is worth remembering that parlour games were generally considered appropriate for adult entertainment, although there is no reason why children cannot be equally as excited by them.

At the Judge's Lodging, we regularly play games with young visitors and are continually delighted by the response. All games have been taken from Victorian games books and have been chosen for their suitability for children.

The Judge's Lodging sells a selection of replica Victorian toys in its shop. We would be happy to send these to you at cost, plus postage and packing. Please call us to find out what we stock and availability.

Regularly in stock: slates and pencils, cup & ball, pop guns, marbles, jacks, endless landscapes, masks, flicker-books, toy theatres, whipping tops.



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    It takes 25 trips up and down our 41 stairs to bring the water from the basement water pump to fill the Judge's Bath (we know, we've tried it). Let's hope the judges liked to be stinky - poor maid!


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