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The case of the missing underpants

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The details of this trial are taken from the Hereford Times on 11th April 1868.

Maybe you would like to write a short play around this primary source. Why were the men sharing a room when they did not know each other? What were they doing in Rhayader? Do you think they had much money? Could they afford more pants? Why do you think Mr Cook did not want the magistrates to look at his case? What do you think of receiving one month's hard labour for stealing a pair of pants?

...and of course, the question on everybody's mind - what were the ‘certain marks' on the pants that identified them as Mr Ward's property?!




Strange But True

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    These were special dog tongs used for removing badly behaved dogs from church during services.  There is still a pair in St Beuno's Church, Clynnog Fawr, North Wales


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