Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.


slate to write onWhat was it like being a Victorian child at school? Did they learn the same things as us? What did they dress like? What did they play in their breaks?

Here we have put together a selection of school objects and lesson books from The Judge's Lodging collection, along with notes to help you learn about them and suggestions of questions you might like to use in your classroom about them.  Just follow the 'See Also' sections on the right.

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Strange But True

  • list arrowHow did Victorians try out a new invention?

    Test it on the servants of course! That's what happened in 1860 at The Judge's Lodging, when gas lighting was put into the basement and not the Judge's rooms. They wanted to see if they got sick from the fumes. The servants were fine - that's why we got the lights working again.

Historical Handy Hints