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Wooden Washing Dolly. Imagine trying to wash you clothes with one of these! Of course, Victorians did not have washing machines as we do. They had to work hard to clean their clothes in a big tub of water. Think about the hard work of pumping the water from the well and heating it over a fire before you even started to clean your clothes! The dolly was used to help them push the clothes around in the water and jiggle them around to get the dirt out (just like a modern washing machine does when the clothes spin around). Our dolly has one piece missing - if you look closely you can see a hole in the handle near the top where another piece of wood would go through to make it easier to hold.

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  • list arrowWould you wee in your dining room?

    Victorian gentlemen did! Some dining rooms (like ours) had a special cupboard to house a chamber pot so all the gentlemen could go for a wee without leaving the table (once the ladies had left the room, of course!).


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