Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

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Pewter inkwell. Remember that the Victorians did not have ball-point pens like we do. This inkwell has four holes around the top for resting your pens in. Image how messy it would be to write like this if you were not very well practiced. This inkwell comes from our Clerk's bedroom. He was the man who wrote everything down in the courtroom when people were on trial. Imagine how fast he would have to write to keep up with people talking!

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  • list arrowHow did Victorians try out a new invention?

    Test it on the servants of course! That's what happened in 1860 at The Judge's Lodging, when gas lighting was put into the basement and not the Judge's rooms. They wanted to see if they got sick from the fumes. The servants were fine - that's why we got the lights working again.

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