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3 large lemons & sugar
Remove the peel very thinly from the lemons (with a potato peeler or a zester). Put them into a 7" heavy pan and cover with about 1 inch of water. Cover with a lid and put on to a very low heat. Do not let it boil or it will taste bitter. Leave to cool and strain the liquid into a jug. Add the squeezed juice and sugar to taste. Must be sweet and strong. Dilute this cordial with sparkling or still spring water.

Casanova Salad

Shred the white stalks of two heads of celery in inch lengths and put these in a salad bowl with the whites of three hard-boiled eggs, also shred; season with white mayonnaise sauce, and a little shallot; strew over the surface of the salad the yolks of hard eggs previously rubbed through a wire sieve for the purpose.

Potato Salad

10 or 12 cold boiled potatoes, 4 tbsp of tarragon or plain vinegar, 6 tbsp of salad-oil, pepper and salt to taste, 1 tsp of minced parsley.
Cut the potatoes into slices about ½ inch in thickness; put these into a salad bowl with oil and vinegar in the above proportion; season with pepper, salt, and a tsp of parsley; stir the salad well, that all the ingredients may be thoroughly incorporated, and it is ready to serve. This should be made two or three hours before it is wanted for the table. Anchovies, olives, and pickles may be added to this salad, as also slices of cold beef, fowl or turkey.
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    It takes 25 trips up and down our 41 stairs to bring the water from the basement water pump to fill the Judge's Bath (we know, we've tried it). Let's hope the judges liked to be stinky - poor maid!


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