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Dinner with the Raj - Puddings


Brandied Mangoes

Mix the cut slices of 1 ripe mango with a liqueur glass of brandy and a dessert spoonful of powdered loaf sugar. If the mango be well iced and a good one, the result will be found very pleasing. 



Ginger Pears & Custard

The hard and tasteless Indian pear is very nice treated in this way. Peel, core and cut into slices as much as will weigh half a pound, boil two ounces of crushed green ginger in a large breakfast cup of water, till the flavour is fully imparted to the water, strain the juice and put it on the fire; when boiling slip in the slices of pears, and let them simmer until soft, then add six ounces of brown sugar, and a wineglassful of ginger wine; stir all together, simmer for a minute or two; when cool, turn out into a glass dish, and serve, after it has become quite cold, with glasses of custard as a dinner sweet

Quoted by David Burton


Ginger Pudding

Put a pint of  milk in a stewpan with six ounces of sugar and six ounces of butter, and set this on the fire to boil; as soon as the milk rises, withdraw it, and throw in half a pound of flour, stir this quickly with a wooden spoon to mix it well, and then stir the paste over the fire for a few minutes, until it ceases to adhere to the side of the stewpan; it must then be withdrawn from the fire, and the yolks of six eggs, and four ounces of chopped preserved ginger well mixed in with it; after which gently incorporate the six whites whipped firm; fill a mould spread with butter with this; steam the pudding in the usual way for an hour and a quarter and serve with sauce.  



Lime Sauce

Put three table-spoonfuls of sugar into a sauce-pan with a breakfast-cupful of water. And the very finely peeled rind of a lime, simmer for twenty minutes, then add the juice of two limes and a liqueur glass of any liqueur, brandy or rum, strain and serve.



Bengal Coconut Crumble

8-10 oz fresh pineapple, chopped, 8-10 oz prunes, de-stoned and soaked overnight, 4 oz dried apricots, soaked overnight, a couple of handfuls of sultanas, 3 or 4 cardamoms, crushed, 8 fl oz white wine, 8 fl oz water, 5 oz soft brown sugar.

For topping: 4 oz each of desiccated cocoanut, demerara sugar, butter and plain flour.

 Place all the ingredients except for the topping in a large pan and simmer for about 20 minutes. The liquid should be almost absorbed. Pour into a pie dish.  Rub all the crumble ingredients through your fingers until they resemble breadcrumbs, then spoon over the mixture. Cook  until nice and brown on top.

Family recipe from Rhona Aitken


Pine-apple Toasts

When pine-apples are in season, pray try this dish. Cut up the pine in slices a quarter of an inch thick, stew them in thin syrup, with a glass of rum, and keep them simmering en bainmarie. Take a Madeira cake of a circular shape eight inches in diameter, cut it into nice slices the same shape as those you cut of pine-apple, lightly fry them in butter, then dust them over with powdered sugar and set them in the oven, spreading a layer of apricot jam over each slice. At the time of serving, drain the pine-apple slices, and arrange them with the slices of cake alternately upon a very hot dish, pouring the syrup over them.  This receipt can be followed exactly with American canned pine-apple slices.  If the taste of rum be objected to try brandy or any nice liqueur.  



Baked Rose Custard

1 pint milk, 4 tablespoons sugar, pinch of salt, 3 whole, beaten eggs plus 2 beaten yolks, ½ teaspoon rose-water, 1 tablespoon flaked almonds, rose petals!

Blend milk, sugar and salt together. Beat in the eggs and yolks. Add rosewater and mix well. Pour into a dish and bake. Remove from the oven and serve hot or cold.

Jennifer Brennan


Banana Compote & Cream

8-10 bananas

Toasted slivered almonds

Syrup – ¾ pint water, strips of rind from 2 limes and the juice of one large lime, strips of rind and juice of 1 orange, 6 oz sugar.

Bring all the syrup ingredients to the boil and simmer for 15-20 minutes.  Peel the bananas and cut them into diagonal chunks. Place in a wide glass dish that will not crack when hot syrup hits it. Pour the syrup over. Sprinkle the top with slivered toasted almonds. Serve very cold with cream. 

Rhona Aitken


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