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Dinner with the Raj - Pickles & Accompaniments


A Recipt for Curry Powder

Take coriander seeds in powder     12oz

Black pepper in powder     6oz

Cayenne pepper    1 ½ oz 

True turmeric powder, yellow   3oz

Fennugreek in powder    3oz

Turmeric powder, pale    6oz

Cummin seeds in powder    3oz

This composition well dried should be kept in a glass bottle with a glass stopper in a dry place. 



To Boil Rice for Curries &c.

Ingredients—1 lb of the best Carolina rice, two quarts of water, 1 1/2 oz of butter, a little salt.

Mode—Wash the rice well in two waters; make two quarts of water boiling, and throw the rice into it; boil it until three parts done, then drain it on a sieve. Butter the bottom and sides of a stewpan, put in the rice, place the lid on tightly, and set it by the side of the fire until the rice is perfectly tender, occasionally shaking the pan to prevent its sticking. Prepared thus, every grain should be separate and white. Either dish it separately, or place it round the curry as a border.   

Alexis Soyer’s recipe, quoted by Mrs Beeton


Puree of Sweet Potatoes & Cream

Suggested by Wyvern — no recipe given, but basically, sweet potatoes and cream!  Very nice!


To Mango a Cucumber

Cut a piece out the whole length of the cucumber then take out all the seeds and spungy part, fill the cucumber with raw ginger, garlic, horse-radish, mustard seed and salt, then replace the piece you cut out, tye it up close and put it in a jar deep enough to have it covered in vinegar, then boil your vinegar and pour it on the cucumber, which continue to do so for nine days, then cover it close as you do other pickles, it will be some months before it is fit for use. 



Mashed Potato Chutney

 Mashed potato is flavoured with minced onion, green chili, salt, pepper, vinegar and a pinch of sugar. With these relishes, curries are undoubtedly far nicer than when sent up unassisted.  



Tomato Chutney

Remove the seeds and watery juice from two or three ripe tomatoes, chop them up with a quarter of their bulk of white onion and season the mince with a little salt; add two green chilies chopped small, and a bit of celery also chopped, give the whole a dust of black pepper, and moisten it with a tea-spoonful of vinegar – anchovy vinegar for choice.   



Cucumber Chutney

Cut the cucumber into thin strips an inch long;  say three heaped up table-spoonsful; mix them with a tea-spoonful of finely-minced onion, one of chopped green chilli, and one of parsley; moisten with a desert-spoonful of vinegar in which a pinch of sugar has been dissolved, a dessert-spoonful of salad oil, and dust over it salt and black pepper at discretion.   



Cocoanut Chutney

Consists of pounded cocoanut, flavoured with minced onion and green chilli, green ginger, and an atom of garlic, moistened with tamarind juice, and seasoned with red pepper and salt.   




Put the first milk into your sauce pan let it boil well till reduce a little. Then add ½ lb rolang (second best flour)  mix up well in the sauce pan in the fire – it will be a stiff batter. Then flour your board twice and the  rolang paste. Add a saltspoonful of salt x 2 in the batter.  Knead well for a few minutes and roll into flat cakies about ¼ inch thick and the size of a large saucer. Put a table spoonful of ghee into a clean sauce pan and when melted put in as many of the cakies as the size of the frying will allow giving room for them to be moved about and turned all sides may be equally done and to present them they must be a nice brown. Let the ghee drain a little and then serve hot. The sauce with a touch syrup of lime makes Bombay pudding.    Augusta Farwell



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