Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

The Judge’s Lodging has always had a fascination with historic cooking and the practicalities of producing the large-scale dinners that Victorian households would have indulged in. For several years, we worked with local historic food enthusiast Erica Twyman in creating dinners for the public on various themes.

The recipes here have been tried and tasted by us.  We cannot guarantee you will like them all (some are totally yummy though!) but we can say they are authentic!


Victoria & Indian ServantsDinner With The Raj

The most fascinating to research was, beyond doubt, Dinner with the Raj, an exploration of the cuisine of the British in India and the influence which the country had on cooking back at home.

 When looking at the recipes below, please note that we made ALL of these for one meal - Victorian dining can be said to be somewhat dominated by quantity!

 Cooks, Books & Ingredients

First Course

Fish Course

Meat Course




Pickles & Accompaniments







We found this little pamphlet in our archives. According to it, 'the culinary possibilities of bananas are endless'.  It includes 128 recipes, but that may just be too many banana recipes for anyone to handle, so here are a few for you to try!


Banana Recipes



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