Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

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Victorian Fun for Kids!

At last, an historic house where you don't have to worry about bringing the kids! We welcome families and our 'hands-on' policy means that your children can feel for themselves what life was like in a Victorian house.

As well as being able to touch, they also have:

Activity boxes for kids (and kids at heart) to explore, with dressing up clothes, toys and activities.

Their own guidebook, Interesting Stuff, Gross Facts and a Bit About the Building, to help them investigate the rooms.

The audiotour, which features 'Victorian' characters from the building's past talking about their lives - our machines are very robust, easy to use and we are happy for everyone, however small, to use them.

There are regular craft activites and trails throughout the year and in all school holidays during our season. Just check out our events list, look on our Facebook page or give us a ring on 01544 260650 for more info.


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Strange But True

  • list arrowTo stink or not to stink

    It takes 25 trips up and down our 41 stairs to bring the water from the basement water pump to fill the Judge's Bath (we know, we've tried it). Let's hope the judges liked to be stinky - poor maid!


Historical Handy Hints