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Dinner with the Raj - Dessert


Lime Marmalade Cream Ice

Mix a teacupful of marmalade with 1 pint of cream or unsweetened custard and the juice of two of the fruit and 1 wineglassful of fruit syrup. Pass through a tammy and freeze.  

Mrs Marshall


Banana Cream Ice

Peel 6 ripe bananas and pound them to a pulp, add the juice of 2 lemons and a glass of curacoa. Pass through a tammy cloth and  finish with 1 pint of sweetened cream or custard.  

Mrs Marshall


Ginger & Orange Water Ice

Pound 8 ounces of preserved ginger, mix it with one quart of orange ice water; pass it through a tammy and freeze. 

To make orange ice water – 1 pint of boiling water poured onto the peel of 8 oranges, half a pound of loaf sugar; when cool, mix with the juice of 6 oranges; add 6 drops of orange essence; tammy or strain through a sieve and freeze.   

Mrs Marshall


Pistachio Nut Cake

The weight of eight eggs in their shells of finely-powdered sugar, that of two eggs of potato flour, the same weight of pistachio nuts blanched and skinned.  Beat up the sugar and the yolks of eight eggs well together with an egg whisk or fork, until the mixture assumes a white creamy appearance. Sprinkle in (beating the mixture all the time) half the potato flour, and ass the whites of four eggs whisked to a stiff froth.  Then put in, in the same manner, the rest of the flour, the remaining four whites beaten to a froth, and lastly the pistachio nuts pounded to a paste in a mortar.  Bake in a slow oven.  Meanwhile put the whites of two eggs into a basin with  a little lime juice and six ounces of sugar, well work the mixture with a wooden spoon, and as it gets thin, keep on adding more sugar until you get a smooth paste of the consistency of batter.  Lay the icing evenly on the cake with a spatula, put it into the oven for a minute to set the icing, ornament it quickly with strips of citron and preserved cherries and put it aside to get cold.



Cayenne Cheeses

½ lb butter, ½ lb flour, ½ lb of grated cheese, ½ tsp of cayenne, ½ teaspoon of salt, water.

Rub the butter in the flour; add the cayenne, grated cheese and salt and mix these ingredients well together. Moisten with sufficient  water to make the whole into a paste; roll out, and cut into fingers about 4 inches in length. Bake them in a moderate oven to a very light colour. 

Mrs Beeton


Kaju (Cashew Nut) Balls

35 cashew nuts, ½ oz butter, 8 tbsp cream, white of 1 egg, 8 oz icing sugar, 2 tsp orange flower water.

Bake the nuts for a few minutes and grind as finely as possible. Mix the ground nuts together with the butter, cream, egg white, beating until smooth. Add the sugar and flower water. Roll the paste into small balls, place on buttered paper and bake in a hot oven  until lightly browned. Sift more icing sugar over before serving. 




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