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Remembering a fine cat

Arthur's stone

The garden at the Judge's Lodging museum in Presteigne has seen the arrival of a new, elegant feature this week - the gravestone of Arthur, the museum cat, who sadly passed away earlier this year.

When he died, the museum staff wanted to remember him in some way and the people of Presteigne rallied to the cause, wanting to show their respect for this 'old timer' with feline attitude. Collection pots were set up in shops and pubs throughout the town and money was raised to ensure Arthur was remembered in a fitting way - a Victorian-style pet's gravestone.

The stone has been made by the Llangunllo stonemason, Jonathan Protheroe and staff at the museum have replanted the area of the garden and put pots of catmint around the stone. The stone itself bares his name, the year and small cross.

Curator Gabrielle Rivers says 'Arthur is still hugely missed. We would like to thank everyone who made a fuss over him through his years here and especially to those who helped us get such a lovely lasting memorial for him'.

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