Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

Terror on the Tracks

We are so excited to be welcoming the acclaimed 'Don't Go Into the Cellar' theatre company to our building once more, with a selection of tales of ‘terror on the tracks’. Journey back to the days of steam, where untold menace could be found lurking in the tunnels, set to leap out of the darkness to ensnare the unwary! An original stage adaptation of Charles Dickens' "The Signal-Man" and other tales of menace and melodrama are the bill of fare on offer to those brave enough to join us.

All by the atmospheric flicker of gaslight, oil and candle - you get to see our huge Christmas tree too and sample some festive light refreshments, so it really is a great night out!

This performance will take place in the judge’s Dining room. Seating is limited, so do book your tickets early, so you’re not left disappointed!

 Terror on the Tracks


Strange But True

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