Explore the fascinating world of the Victorian judges at this award-winning historic house.

Murder By Gaslight

We are so exctied to be welcoming the acclaimed 'Don't Go Into the Cellar' theatre company to our building for the first (of many, we hope!) productions this November. 

Murder by Gaslight is a ghoulish audience with two of most infamous poisoners in British history - William Palmer and Harvey Crippen. We invite you to encounter these murderous men of medicine as the diabolical doctors regale you with their case histories, and invite you to judge for yourselves whether they were in fact, guilty as charged! An interactive show featuring quick costume changes and multi-character playing…with lashings of black humour

 Murder by Gaslight

Tickets £12

Call 01544 260650 or drop by to buy yours


Brought to you by Don't Go Into The Cellar! Theatre - the British Empire's leading practitioners of macabre Victoriana!

Don't Go Into the Cellar  Don't Go Into the Cellar 2

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